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I am committed to serve

 The global majority, meaning racially/ethnically marginalized people. 


When you want a speaker who will do more than just lay out concepts about racism or sex as if they’re theoretical, using an approach that moves people into empathy, experience, and action, you’ll want to call me. I weave the science with stories and facilitate deep learning built on tested pedagogy. I use inspiration, rather than shame, to help organizations choose sustainable anti-racist change strategies. Related to sex, I use the same strategies to help groups develop sexual self-awareness and increase pleasure worthiness. 

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I am a speaker who...

Knows the research…conducts and writes some of it too.

Believes people want to be loved and belong. I use that to inspire action.

Uses psychology of healing, growth, change, and liberation to transform systems.

Industries that invest in my service

The Marketing, Advertising & Media Industry

Colleges, Universities & Education Organizations

The Healthcare




The sessions were well structured!

I learned so much across the board about each topic, never had that perspective put into place on these topics, and made me really think about who I am and how to be my best self going forward to create equality. The sessions were so well structured, to be honest, in 20 years of trainings/seminars, this is right up there with how well Dr. Candice + team formulated the 2 hours.

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