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I’m a teacher, healer, scholar, leader who operates in a love ethic.

I focus on the two things most people struggle to discuss - sex and racism.

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Welcome, I'm Dr. Candice nicole 


Hey Y'all

Get to know who I am, what I’m about, and what I do here. I love to share psychology with everyone, so I do as much public facing work as I do scholarship, because the science isn’t really socially just if it’s trapped behind academic paywalls and conference fees. You can catch me in the community and the media, as well as teaching at the University of Kentucky, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, and shaping policy in board rooms. Are you interested in pursuing a psychology graduate degree? You may want to check out the research tab to see what the RISE2 Research Team does. If you’re interested in inviting me to speak or facilitate a training, visit my speaker page. If you want to know How to Love A Human check out my podcast. 

As Seen ON


“Love is power and purpose. It is the energy and the reason.” - Candice


My Purpose





I talk about racial trauma and good sex. I know they seem unrelated, but what connects them is that people have been socialized to speak in hushed tones, if at all, about both. So my speaking highlights how to understand and appreciate one, the other, or both, as a means to facilitate wellness. 

My advocacy is both grassroots and grasstops: the whole length of the grass really. I’ve coordinated community events for justice and wellness, and I’ve also served on the board of several national and local organizations.

 I direct the Center for Healing Racial Trauma, where we provide therapy services to the global majority and consulting services to organizations on anti-racism. I also train future psychologists and research my two favorite topics (you guessed it – sex and racism). 

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