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The new RISE^2 Research Team has a two-fold focus. We study Relationships, Intimacy, + Sexual Enrichment and Race, Intersectionality, + Social justice Engagement.


This year we have a few projects in progress:

  • The Big Sex Study

  • Black Lives Metta: Healing Racial Trauma Through Meditation 

  • How to Love a Human

RISE^2 Research Team

Past Publications

Click on the title to view

Superwoman Schema: a context for understanding psychological distress among middle-class African American women who perceive racial microaggressions

Balancing the sexology scales: a content analysis of Black women’s sexuality research

Humanity in Homelessness: A Social Justice Consultation Course for Counseling Psychology Students

Injustice in the Justice System: Reforming Inequities for True “Justice for All”

Abortion Knowledge and Attitudes Among Psychologists and Graduate Students

“It Feels So Good”: Pleasure in Last Sexual Encounter Narratives of Black University Students

Becoming a Bridge: Collaborative Autoethnography of Four Female Counseling Psychology Student Leaders

Black Lives Matter: A Call to Action for Counseling Psychology Leaders

Studying Sex: A Content Analysis of Sexuality Research in Counseling Psychology

John Henryism Active Coping as a Cultural Correlate of Substance Abuse Treatment Participation Among African American Women

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