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The psychology of sensual, sexy music interests me because I love to know what turns people on. Is it a slow melody with heavy bass, or is it a certain harmonious guitar riff that gets you going? Studies have shown that music affects our moods, such that playing sensual songs all day can subconsciously make you more susceptible to arousal throughout the day. For my people who want to feel the aching, delicious desire for your partner again, try selecting five sensual songs to listen to on repeat on your commute to work, at your desk (maybe in headphones ;)), and while you take a nice hot shower when you get home. Take note of what type of mood you’re in by the evening. Are your body and mind more receptive to your partner’s advances? Better yet, are you feeling so sensual that you initiate love making? Or, is there a part of you that doesn’t want to let go enough to allow the erotic in?

I’ll share my top five sensual songs to get you started, but your sensual song list has to be unique to you and what lights your fire for the best effects.

  1. Janet Jackson – Would You Mind

  2. Floetry – It’s Getting Late

  3. Raheem DeVaughn – Breathe

  4. Neyo – Say It

  5. Art of Noise – Moments of Love

If you’re a woman who wants to experience that spark again, I have something in the works that will show you how to light up your sex life. Leave your name, email, and a message in the contact form so I can keep you posted the debut. Until then, enjoy a #SensualSaturday.

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