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"White People Stress Me Out All the Time": Black Students Define Racial Trauma

I'm so excited to share our article defining racial trauma on Juneteenth 2021! This paper was a long time coming, because we started the project in Spring 2018. It's been a labor of love, and I am grateful for my dope mentees and colleagues at the University of Kentucky who collaborated on this project.

It is important to know how Black collegians define racial trauma because many are affected by various forms of racism, and some are actively involved in racial justice movements. In this study, Black students defined racial trauma as stress that sticks with them, severely affecting how they think and feel, based on the number of times they experience or the intensity of racist stressors. Because definitions have the power to shape reality, this definition can empower Black students to continue identifying, healing from, and dismantling racism’s negative impact and prepare mental health professionals to engage in outreach and therapy related to racial trauma.

You can download a copy of our pre-print article below. The appropriate citation is:

Hargons, C.N., Malone, N., Montique, C., Dogan, J., Stuck, J., Meiller, C., Sanchez, A., Sullivan, Q., Bohmer, C., Curvey, R., Stevens-Watkins, D., Woods, I., Tyler, K., & Oluokun, J. (In Press). "White people stress me out all the time": Black students define racial trauma. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.

Pre-Print Copy
Download PDF • 509KB

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